For the love of Coffee


This is a basically just a coffee appreciation post which I am thinking about making a regular thing. I know that other coffee lovers out there will agree that nothing compares to a well made cup of joe (do people actually call it that??) so a review of different coffee places each week might be helpful to others or at least will just give me an excuse to drink more of the good stuff

I love nothing more than heading out on a Saturday morning (who am I kidding, usually afternoon) to go and feed my coffee habit. So this Saturday off we went on a ‘long’ walk with the promise of a coffee and perhaps a sweet treat at the end of it. Before we set off we had researched a few places as I wanted to try somewhere I hadn’t been before. Our intentions were good, however once again the british weath
er had other ideas and we found ourselves ducking for shelter in the nearest Cafe Nero, soaked to bone and I’ll admit quite hangry on my part…

So although the coffee snob in me didn’t get to try out the latest beans at a small hipster, no doubt over priced cafe, I have to say that Cafe Nero does a damn fine Cappuccino and much to my boyfriends relief, a selection of pastries that caught my eye – because what’s to complain about when you are demolishing a croissant?


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