Healthy Banana Muffins




Now don’t get me wrong, there are not many things that compare to that Friday feeling at the end of a working week, however as we all know the 9-5 life has its many struggles…

If you, like me live that #tupperwarelife during the week where you tend to spend your evenings meal prepping for the next day (who am i kidding, most probably in the morning in a mad rush to get out the door), you may find that as the weeks roll by, each time you open your tupperware lid at breakfast or lunch you begin to get sick of the sight of your three or four go to meals.

Recently I have been feeling a little uninspired by good foods to get me through the week which I think has caused a loss of motivation. This has resulted in a few too many shop bought breakfasts and lunches for my liking so I decided to try and switch things up.

I thought it would be nice to ditch my usual porridge/eggs for breakfast this week so I tried my hand at some banana muffins. To my great surprise they actually turned out half decent so I thought it might be nice to share the recipe for anyone needing a little breakfast inspo.


3 Bananas
2 Eggs
75 grams Porridge Oats
120ml Almond Milk
250 grams Gluten Free Self Raising Flour
60ml Honey
1 tsp Bicarbonate Soda
1 to 2 tsp Cinnamon (depending on preference)
1 tbsp Peanut Butter
Sunflower seeds/berries for topping (optional)

Now the recipe is pretty simple – some real Becki type baking going on here once again.

Mash up the bananas and mix well with the wet ingredients (eggs, milk, honey and peanut butter)
Then add the mixture to your dry ingredients (flour, bicarb, cinnamon, oats) and mix well again.
Divide between 12 muffin cases and top with you berries and sunflower seeds or whatever topping your heart desires!
Pop in the oven for around 20 minutes, checking them half way through

Just a note to say, you don’t need to use gluten free flour by any means, however, I have been trying out the gluten free hype recently to see if its any kinder on my tum. Perhaps I could do a future blog post with my findings but so far so good!

I decided to drizzle a little more honey over the top and had with Greek Yoghurt and some Blueberries and let me tell ya, it certainly made my Monday morning a little more bearable!

Thank you for reading, I would love to hear your weekday breakfast/lunch ideas!

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